The author

It is not exactly known just when Wolf Awert started writing stories. In any case, he has been inventing and sharing them for as long as he can remember … perhaps even longer. Contemporary friends claim he would always talk to himself on his way to school.

Later, he studied geography, biology, geology, geopedology, meteorology, and ethnology – not always with a certificate but always full of enthusiasm -, and then worked as an environmental scientist at a University. He wrote several scientific articles, non-fiction and educational books, invented new methods of thinking and developed a system for the management of ideas.

His line of work took him to places all over the world where he’d visit more than just conference rooms. It was on a trip to China in 1980 that he got his first impressions of Qigong and Tai Chi Quan. Today, he is an honorary teacher of the latter.

To write fantasy stories, having first-hand experience of combat – whether with swords, sabres, lances, staves or fans – is a great boon. These weapons were later joined by the katana and the jō (a shortstaff) used in Aikido. Furthermore, he had trained with florets, rapiers, and sabers as a student.

Having retired from university work, Wolf Awert now lives peacefully as a pensioner in the Eifel (Germany) and has turned full time fiction author.

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